My eldest daughter is trying out being a teenager. She is twelve, going on thirteen, but is aware of the tropes of teenagerdom. She has always been a “company man,” as my wife and I like to say. She takes her parents’ side in squabbles with “the children” (her three sisters, her…
ChatGPT and the small future of higher ed
Learning judgment from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Well, grades are in. I’ve written thousands of words of feedback in the last two weeks, and I’ve had moments of real delight in seeing what my students…
a metapoetical fantasia occasioned by a confluence of events on December 15th
A piece-meal approach to Bellow's Ravelstein
A few years ago I started joking that university teaching is not difficult, and can be easily accomplished in two steps: read book talk about book At a…
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